Hey Come Back - Cassette Tape


Hey Come Back - Cassette Tape


The way country music was supposed to be played. 

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Produced by Adrian Quesada


Croy and the Boys:

Corey "Bad Boy Croy" Baum - Vocals, Rhythm Guitars

Amy Hawthorne - Bass

Casey Seymour - Drums, Vibes

Steve Carlson - Lead Guitar

Dan Patrevito - Wurlitzer, Upright Piano, Organ


Special thanks also to:

Jeremy Nail - Guitar and Backing Vocals

Carson McHone - Vocals

Michael Ramos - Accordion

Joel Guzman - Accordion

Peter Stopschinski - String Arrangments

Phil Davidson- Violin

Martha Carapetyan - Viola


Recorded and mixed at Level 1 Sound by Adrian Quesada

Mastered at Cacophony Studios by Erik Wofford


Album artwork and design by LAND