Howdy High-Rise

  1. For The First Time I’m Starting To Think About My Age

  2. I’m Broke

  3. Trans-Am

  4. It Seems Like You Can’t Just Be Poor Anymore

  5. Your Friends Not Mine

  6. Howdy High-Rise

  7. A Song To Play The Next Time That I Meet Your Mother

  8. Just Wanna Go Home With You

  9. (If I Knew What I Had to Give Up) I Never Woulda Fallen In Love

  10. Gentrification

  11. Bananas For Breakfast

  12. Luxury (Is a Four Letter Word To Me)

Amy Hawthorne - Bass

Casey Seymour - Drums

Steven James Carlson - Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica

Joe Cornetti - Keys, Vocals

Bad Boy Croy - Guitar, Vocals

Additional Credits:

Juanito Castillo - Accordion and Bajo Sexto - Thinking About My Age, Poor Anymore

Esteban Jordan III - Flute - Just Wanna Go Home With You

Simon Page - Pedal Steel - Howdy High-Rise, Never Woulda Fallen In Love

Sam Kossler - Pedal Steel - Song For Your Mother

Jazz Mills - Vocals - Trans-Am, Howdy High-Rise

Engineered by Seth Gibbs and Jimmy Wildcat aka The Wildcat Brothers

Mixed by Joel Hume

Mastered by John Golden

Album Photography by Eryn Brooke

Album Layout and design by Ben Tipton