I was born and raised in Bowling Green, Ohio and never spent longer than 2 months outside of it until the age of 24 when after 5 1/2 years changing majors in college I decided I'd had enough, loaded my guitar and some clothes into my friend Georgia's car and had her drop me off in Austin, TX. Going on 9 years later, I'm still trying to figure out what the hell I'm doing and I'm writing about it all as I go. 

     I felt like I was having a hard time showing people what I meant so 5 years ago I started Croy and the Boys to help me explain it.  Our music is rooted in country but it comes out sounding the way we hear it.  And we don't mind.  Hope y'all don't either. 



Croy and the Boys are:

Amy Hawthorne

Casey Seymour

Steven James Carlson

Joe Cornetti

Bad Boy Croy 



Photographer: Stevan Alcala